"My wife and I were separately provided with psychotherapy counselling to help us come to terms with the changes that ASD brought to our lives.Robert was an amazing counsellor, bringing humour and compassion to our sessions. The positivity we experienced was life-changing and we now have the coping skills and self-acceptance to help our son reach his full potential"


"When I first went to Robert I was very close to the edge. I was anxious all the time, crying at nothing and feeling so low I just couldn't cope. I had ten sessions and we addressed things I hadn't realised I was holding on to. Things I thought were in my past and weren't affecting me now but they so were. I took them out, talked about them and felt so much better. Robert helped me to realise that I could live with these things, that I could cope and I am. It's one step at a time, one day at a time but I am on the right road. I will be forever grateful to Robert, he saved me"

"Robert Rackley counselling Helped me get my life back on track and sort out old demons”

"Robert is very professional and an expert listener. After years of anxiety, I am now well on the road to a much happier life, thanks to the help from Robert."